My Golf Rehab – Round 5

Well,  time has gone by since my last Golf Rehab post!

To cut a long story short, at this moment, I was supposed to be on holiday in the Caribbean, however, thanks to the wonderful Icelandic volcano all that went by the board and we're now holiday in Devon, a place I have never been to before, it is BEAUTIFUL and the weather is on our side. We have 10 days here and will probably play golf at least 7 times, something I would not have wanted to do last year but since my golf mental outlook has completely changed, I'm looking forward to each round.

So, since my last post:

I'm back having regilar lessons with my favourite golf pro, I REALLY like him, I've been with him for over 2 years, not on a regular basis I might add, I'm just a club golfer, not about to turn pro or anything but every time I have a lesson with him, I come out feeling encouraged and positive. We've changed a few minor things with my swing and at the moment, I'm hitting the ball MUCH better tha I have for a long time. So, the physical side, I can work on and improve on in time.

However, how is my mental side of golf going?

Actually, I can report that it is going REALLY well.  Thanks to the golf mind training course I'm taking, my attitude to golf has changed dramatically ! I can deal with frustarrtion a lot better and look on each potentail 'disaster' now as a challenge as to how I can deal with that one particular shot.

Yesterday we played a course next to our hotel called Saunton Sands, we started playing at 3pm after a 4 hour drive from London to Devon and although it was quite warm when we started, by the time we finished at 7pm, we were FREEZING.

I had a good front 9, but after 12 holes, I was so cold and tired that I stopped enjoying playing. My stableford score was miserable, 10 points on the front and 9 on the back although I was hitting the ball really well but it’s a links course and the greens were Really fast.

We're playing it again today and after a good nigts sleep, my hopes are high that I will score more points today.

I'll write later with news!

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