My Golf Rehab – Round 6

Today we played our 2nd round at Saunton Sands golf course. The weather was AMAZING! Just perfect for golf !

Short sleeve weather with just the tiniest of sea breezes and the views at this golf course are just gorgeous!

Anyway, I didn't start off very well, good drive, 2nd ( and 3rd ) into the nearest bumker, no score on that hole!

The next few holes were not much better and the old feelings of frustration and golfing misery were starting to re-appear!

I started working through the  mental training that I've been working on in my golf mental programme and slowly, in my head, started to turn things around.

Now, who knows whether you feel better mentally because you start to play better golf, or you start to play better golf because you feel better mentally and I really believe it's the latter but slowly and surely, as my mental attitude improved, my golf game turned into that of another person.

I told myself that I was going to enjoy my game WHATEVER the score was and focussed SO hard on just hitting the ball in front of me and to be truthful, I played the best golf I've played in a long time and ended up with scoring 20 points on the back 9 !

My best score in forever and especially gratifying as it was on a course that was new to me. So together with my 'frustrated' front 9 score of 11 points I finished with a respectable total of 31 points so just dropping 5 points off my current handicap of 13 !

The mental golf game improvement is a slow, ongoing process but is most definitely working and I'm beginning to enjoy playing again.

More tomorrow when we play Ilfracombe Golf Course !

Golf Rehab: Round 1

So, today was my first day back on my home course after spending the past month in the Middle East playing on a rock hard dry course. My home golf course is in the UK, just outside London and needless to say, quite a difference in conditions to the sun baked course, today the course was wet and soggy, it was also freezing cold but I had so many layers on I was immune to the cold.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I didn't enjoy playing golf last year, in fact, most of my rounds I wanted to be any where else but on a golf course.

This year, I WANT to play, and THAT is the difference. My golfing mindset is TOTAlly different! I missed playing with my team mates, our handicaps range between 10 and 14 and we're quite a competitive group.

My handicap is 13 at the moment, I used to be 10 but it has slowly crept up, ( see my handicap explanation here ).

I didn't start my round too well, but kept mentally VERY positive and kept patient.

Here's my score today, I'll use this as a benchmark for future rounds:

Par 4 4 4 3 4 3 5 4 5 36 4 3 4 4 5 4 3 4 5 36 72
My Score 7 7 5 4 5 5 5 7 6 51 4 3 5 5 5 6 3 7 6 44 95

Well, at least I kept below 100! My back 9 was MUCH better than my front round and I was striking the ball really well once I got used to the mud and slush on the course.

What was important today was that I kept postitive the whole time and I didn't let the bad shots 'get to me' I literally played just one shot at a time and didn't think backwards or forwards.

A good start to my year and most importantly I enjoyed the round.

Next step for me is to start listening to the golf mental training downloads from the training course.

More on that next...................

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Golf Mental Game Training Answers

There are quite a few questions that I hope will get answered as I move along through Wade Pearse's Golf Mental  Game Training Course.

Here are some of my questions, please feel free to post your own answers if you want:

1. As a very competitive person, the feelings of misery and frustration after losing a match can be crushing.

How do sports people deal with those feelings ?

At one point I used to feel SO bad after a loss that I would tell myself that it didn't really matter if I won or lost ( it's just a game, right ? )  and even to the point that I would mentally start preparing myself for a loss BEFORE the end of the match and that CAN'T be right!

You are welcome to leave your thoughts and answers in the box below:

My Golf Rehab- Round 3

Golf Mental Game Training Course
Course 1 : Narrow and Tree Lined
PAR 4 4 4 3 4 3 5 4 5 36 4 3 4 4 5 4 3 4 5 36 36
My Score 5 6 4 3 6 5 5 4 7 45 4 3 4 6 6 4 3 5 5 40 45 85
Golf Mental Game Training

Golf Mental Game Training Course

Today's round was a practise round with 3 of the ladies in my club team. My partner and I played a better ball match play competition against 2 ladies who play off 10 and are currently playing EXTREMELY well.

I wanted to use the match to let the golf mental tips and thoughts from  Wade Pearse's Golf Mental Game Training Program sink in deeply.

I have to say, the whole mental game during this round was a revelation for me, I have NEVER been so calm and in control and ALL the way through, I was drumming the lesson deeper and deeper into my game process.

To cut a long story short, my partner and I ( both playing off 13) beat the two 10 handicap ladies 2 up.

The match was VERY close and as you can see from the score card above, the closer the match got, the calmer and more mentally in control I became, my back 9 was 4 over par which is the best I have played in a LONG time.

SO much of Wade's teaching came into my game today, each hole was a 'small victory', especially when I played well to win the hole, I would treat that hole as a 'small victory' but be ready to start the next hole afresh, instead of, in the past, worrying whether " I could keep it going until the end of the match'.

The whole mental golf training process was VERY easy to integrate into my game, even though I've been a big advocate of golf mental training in the past, NOTHING I've done before even comes close to the effects this course is having on my golf mental frame of mind. Remember also, that up to now, I've only studied the 2 eBooks and listened to the golf audio sessions, I haven't looked at the videos or the other eBooks.

I'm VERY encouraged by the course so far and it's really brought enjoyment back into my golf game already and that is my main aim. One side effect of playing so well yesterday is that I've been asked to play for the team tomorrow in the first round of this year's competition, that's a bonus, and I'm looking forward to playing my match tomorrow.

One thing that REALLY stood out during recent rounds is that I notice how much some of the golfers I'm playing with talk themselves out of the game, I'm noticing the self-talk and body language of other people now and it's fascinating. I'm keeping really quiet about the fact that I'm taking this golf mental game course training because I don't want anything to distract me from the things I'm learning.

One other comment that popped in to my mind a LOT yesterday was that Wade would always choose a golfer who had the strongest mental game over one who hit the best shots but didn't handle the mental aspects well and the fact that although Wade is not the best golfer out there, he KNOWS that he is rock solid mentally and THAT is how he wins matches.

So, this summer, that is my aim, to have a ROCK SOLID golf mental game ! I may not always hit great shots, but the mental game will be secure.

In fact, I did receive a few positive comments yesterday from my opponenets who mentioned the fact that I was very calm and steady all the way through, I just smiled to myself. Yup, that's me, I want to be known as the one with the rock solid mental game ! It is SO hard to play against someone who who KNOW will only get better as the natch progresses !

Check back and I'll post my progress of my singles match here!

The thought I will leave myself with today, is that, whatever the physical state on my golf game, I can have a strong MENTAL golf game NOW!

Not after a few more lessons or a few more sessions on the range , but NOW!

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Unique gift ideas for a man?

Question by Elicia: Unique gift ideas for a man?
My fiance is turning 27 next week and since he works full time during the day I'm planning his party for this Saturday. I want to make it an all weekend thing, but I don't have a lot of money to work with. I have most of it planned, I just need a morning/early afternoon activity!

So far:

Friday night: Drop off each child at prospective parents place (We both have daughters that go to their other parent's house on most weekends) then we are going to an adult hypnosis show (he bought tickets to this so he knows).

Saturday: I don't have plans yet for the morning, but at 1pm he is booked at a day spa for a stone massage (he used to get massages regularly so I know he's gonna love it- this is the surprise part that I've asked my friends and family to help pitch it to pay for lol). Then after that is an early dinner and then we are going to a dance (which we just got tickets for last night so it was a last minute ad on and he knows about this one too).

No plans for sunday morning or afternoon either, and we'll be getting the girls back in the afternoon.

So... morning and afternoon ideas? Maybe just stay at home and I cook him lunch? What else can I do while we are there? (We make love everyday, so that's a given but what I can do to make it memorable, lol).

I had one friend suggest a scavenger hunt of some kind... okay, what would I do for that? Haha. Maybe go to an arcade or mini golf? (Although we just did that a couple weeks ago).

Anybody got anything???
I would do a city wide scavenger hunt if I had a car :( Might be a bit difficult having to bus around with my two year old...

Best answer:

Answer by Melania
Breakfast in bed, & maybe let the kids decorate a room for a "surprise" from them.

Give your answer to this question below!