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Annika Sorenstam's mental game and what makes her so great. You can reach him at 931-206-1328.Tiger Woods also has a great mental game. See videos of his sales presentation, leadership, and motivational keynotes at You also purchase an autograph copy of the bestselling Mentalrules for golf on this site. Become a fan on facebook at and follow me on twitter: theheadcoach1

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What do you think really happened with Tiger Woods?

I realize it is a personal matter to him, but my curiosity has peaked.

There are a lot of theories floating in my mind (yes, I have a lot of idle time today) and was wondering what your opinions are.

BTW: I find it disturbing that CNN has Tiger Woods' situation as a headline and the 4 police officers that were just murdered are not.

Have a great Monday. Only 4 days till Friday!

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