Do I have a good probabilty at ivy league grad school? Or top 30 undergrad?

Hi I have a GED and am going to community college. i am on the golf team and in the phi tetta kappa honors society. My GPA is 3.8. I also started a trading/investing club. I was born in Russia(diversity) and am learning French at school and trying to get over language attrition(Russian). Here is a list of classes i plan on completeing in Community college.

Spring 2011
Intermediate Algebra 3 credits
Business Law 1 3 credits
Microeconomics 3 credits
Strategic reading 3 3 credits
English Comp 1 3 credits

Summer 2011
French 1 4 credits
College algebra 3 credits
Intro to Statistics 3 credits
Intro to computer science 3 credits

Fall 2011
Pre Calculus 3 credits
Business law 2 3 credits
Accounting 1 3 credits
Modern Culture and the arts 3 credits
World Mytholodgy 3 credits

Spring 2012
Accounting 2 3 credits
Calc 1 3 credits
MacroEconomics 3 credits
World history 1 3 credits
Western Civilzation 3 credits

Summer 2012
French 2 4 credits
Calc 2 3 credits
Psychology 3 credits
English comp 2 3 credits
intro to physical science 3 credits

Fall 2012
Calc 3 3 credits
Intro to Philosophy 3 credits
intro to sociology 3 credits
Calc for business 3 credits

86 credits total

Im looking to transfer and double major in finance/math. I would like to go to University of Illinois or Depaul university, perhaps, i could get into a top 20 but im not counting on it. Should i take fewer classes? I may even transfer to a public state school after 30 credits then transfer again to a top school after 60 credits. Either way if i dont get into an ivy league school I will do well and try and get accepted into an ivy league masters program(MFE, MSF, MFIN etc) I would eventually like to become a quant or trader at a firm and then start my own in Russia. I have ambition and drive for success but in high school things were different.

Chances at getting into Harvard?

- 3.78 unweighted average
- 4.12 weighted average
- 7 completed AP exams (and taking 9 more this year)
- Four 5's and three 4's on completed exams
- SAT- 650 CR; 800 Math; 690 Writing
- ACT- 31 composite (34 science, math;; 28, CR, Writing)
- SAT subject tests -- 780 Math II; 710 US History; 730 Biology M
- In top 1% or better of my class (Out of 500 or so students)
- National Honor Society President
- JV/Varsity Golf team 6 years
- Taking actual college classes at University of Rochester with actual College students
- Democratic America (History) : A- (3.7)
- Calculus I : A (4.0)
- Now taking Calculus II and Psychology there as well, and in Spring I will take Calculus III-- Anticipating A's in all of these as of now
- National Language Honor Society
- Part-time job during the summer and school months
- Peer tutor during the school year in physics, math, statistics, bio, chem
- JV indoor track and field

Is it worth applying to Harvard with these stats?

Will I make friends this way?

I'm 15 and am currently home-schooled. I have absolutely zero friends. Luckily, my mom has the same interest and tastes as me (rock music, sense of humor, etc.), so I guess you could say she's a friend. Anyways, I am probably going to start taking a Spanish course and journalism course at my local high school in January. They'll get back to us in the next week whether or not there are seats available, but they're 99.9% sure there are. Also, this upcoming spring I'm going to start dual enrollment at my state college for psychology and english. And next fall I will be on the high school's golf team (this has been confirmed, but their season is almost over for this year, so I would start next year.) My question is, will I make friends this way? Even if the high school thing doesn't work out, will I meet people my age at the college?
Excuse me? Thank you for your insulting input, but being home-schooled was solely my choice. My life in private school was heII and my parents had already tried the public school route with my brother, and it wasn't successful.

Contrary to popular belief, being home-schooled doesn't mean I live in a damn tree house, preach the gospel, and don't know what makeup or a flat iron is. I own drawers full of high-end makeup and use it religiously. And unlike most teenagers, I actually know how to apply it! Not just put black eyeliner on in order to mimic a raccoon. I *gasp* own a flat iron and a curling iron. I use my flat iron everyday.

So if your type of ignorant personality is what embraces the public school, I will gladly sit out for it.

Can I get into Texas A&M Engineering with these grades and scores?

I am planning on transferring to Texas A&M Engineering from another college.
These are my grades from my first 2 semesters of college.
Next semester I want to get into TAMU. Do I have a good chance of getting in?

International Relations - A
Calculus - A
Physics -B
Honors Art - A
Philosophy - A
Psychology - A
Intro to Engineering - A
Japanese - A
Chemistry - A
First Aid/Safety/CPR - A
English - A
Geology - A

SAT SCORE - 1700

I also have a lot of extra curricular activities:
High School Golf Team.
Treasurer in the Center for the study of Local Issues
And more...

I want to apply but if TAMU has too high of standards I want to know if I should just apply at other lower standard engineering colleges.

Thank you.

Also, is there anything else I can do to get a higher chance of getting into this college?

How can i put my nerves out of my mind for golf tryouts?

Tryouts for the golf team are this week. Today, half of the team went to a golf dome to tryout since we just got some snow here and the course wasnt open. i get the day off tomorrow since i went to the dome today, but on wednesday we are planning on playing golf since the course will be open. I am a freshman and i have the talent to make at least jv maybe a shot at varsity. As wednesday approaches, though, i am having thoughts of shooting terrible and not making the team. Today at the dome i was sweating up a storm because i was so nervous because i was being watched by the coaches on almost every shot. I didnt miss a shot today, and i got a lot of great compliments from the coaches, but im am super scared to play wednesday. I have played the course many times before, but i am just having doubts. How can i turn my mentality for good so i can play an excellent round?

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