What are some links to websites to iprove the mental golf game and course management?

i am a 16 year old golfer and iv picked up the game in a year with a natural swing and have a handicap of around 4-6 and the problem i have is i let one bad shot get to me.

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how much of the game of golf is mental?

I know of some guys who say golf is 80% mental and 20% physical when you get to a high level, and others who say the opposite.

If you can, please state how many years you have been playing or your handicap.

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Golfing mental game and Course Management?

Ok. I am young. 17. and a 6 handicap. I can really kill my ball and get good distance but I play with a very good senior player who is telling me to slow down on the swing. Also, ever since I have improved (greatly) I want to birdie every single hole, which is not the right attitude. Mainly, what I want to know is what a some good mental thoughts to fix all of this?

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Golf & ZEN Planner: Daily morsels of golf psychology

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What are some good drills for the mental game of golf?

I am a 3 handicap who needs some mental help i often start thinking to much or just cant calm down an forget about one bad hole?? I need some tips to help my mental game

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I cant see myself going to any other school besides the University of Maryland. Maybe I am in the wrong frame of mind but the only way i can afford it is to get a golf scholarship. I am a sophomore in high school and a 9 handicap. I am planning on playing in tournaments all summer as well as my next two summers before heading of to a college. How well do I have to shoot in these tournaments and how low does my handicap have to be??

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The Mental Game of Golf

Get a hold of your copy of William's new workbook on the psychology of golf - coming soon!

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I went to Boyne Highlans for vacation and played 3 courses i have never seen. On my first 18 i shot 96...but my split was 42,54...i got carried away with myself. My secound 18 was 89, 44,45. Not to bad i guess. and my third was 80, 42,38. The courses were all 133 slope. On the 96 we played from the tips. I have a mental game problem while playing but today i shot 80 at my home course. Slope is 127. My handicap is 14 but i need to work on my mental game. Par is 72...any hope?

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im a junior in hs and play golf at the varsity level. i used to be about a 6 handicap but been playing to a 12?

handicap lately because i made some major swing changes for the better that have just hurt me so far. my short game has been saving me but what i really need is some tips on my mental game.?

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