Visualisation Techniques for Golf

One of the most important techniques often employed by successful professional golfers is visualisation. Since confidence plays such a key role in the game of golf, these individuals work hard to envision success prior to each round and more importantly, prior to each shot. They can see their tee shots flying straight down the middle of the fairway, they envision approach shots landing on the green, and they can literally head the ball dropping in the hole on short putts. This helps these players make more confident swings, which is an absolute key if you want to be successful.


Some players struggle with visualization, though, so they need to employ certain visualisation techniques to be more successful.

For many players, it can be helpful to pick an aiming point somewhere in the middle of the fairway. Visualisation is all about picking that spot and KNOWING that you are going to hit it there and even visualising the flight of the ball. The problem for many is that they head to the first tee without an idea of where the ball is going. They can't envision success, possibly because they have had many failures that constantly creep into their subconscious mind and as you might imagine, this lack of self-confidence can be crippling in a game like golf, where every swing is so important.

Others use positive reinforcement to help get across the idea. They don't talk about what might happen if they miss a shot. Instead, they say out loud where they are going to hit the ball and what they're going to do with the shot shape. If they want to play a draw around the trees, they say as much. This helps to properly visualize the shot you are trying to hit. Otherwise, you can be lost out on the course, with no direction and no attainable plan to speak of.

Hypnosis for golf is a relatively new thing, but many players are finding that it's the best way to gain an edge in this way. You have undoubtedly hit good shots in your past, but it is human nature to remember the really devastating moments. Whether talking about a random hole where you have failed or perhaps a shot with a certain club in your bag, you need to destroy the negative connotations. Proper visualisation comes from using the subconscious techniques in order to gain focus and clarity.

This will open up possibilities that you probably have only dreamed about with your golf game.

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